Louisiana Grills Kamado Reviews

Louisiana Grills Kamado Reviews

Louisiana grills have 2 Kamado grills. The 22 inches and the 24 inches wide models,

Louisiana Grills Kamado 22″

Louisiana Grills Kamado 24″


They both come with the same features and the only difference is the diameter and thus the grill surface.

  • 22 Inch is 803 square inches
  • 24 inch is 906 square inches

More Features

  • Stainless steel grates
  • Side shelves that are foldable
  • Four wheels
  • Cooking temperature up to 700 degrees
  • Heat deflector included


In my opinion, the dampers on a Kamado grill are the two most important features since they control the temperature in your Louisiana Kamado grill.

Louisiana grills kamado top damper

Heat Deflector

The heat deflector in the cooking chamber allows for the Kamado grill to be used for several types of cooking by making it possible to set it to indirect cooking.

Louisiana grills kamado heat deflector

I will do a separate in-depth review of the 24″ on its own page since that is the most looked-for model. If you like to see brands just have a look at the Kamado grill reviews and brands on the home page.

Jeffrey Brooks

Jeffrey Brooks is an experienced backyard griller that uses a Kamado grill for most of the cooking he is doing. With his experience, he will do reviews and answer every question you have about Kamado Grills. You can read more about Jeffrey Brooks.

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